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Hi. I am testing OpenLP and I am planning to use it my church.

For some reason I can't import PowerPoint slides into openLP for Mac. I am using PowerPoint 2011 on Mac OS 10.7.5

The Load New Presentation Button is Not Even there. I tested OpenLP in Windows and there it works fine. But My church uses a Mac Computer.

Is this feature supported at all for Mac?

Thanks for your help.


  • No, I am afraid that there is no presentation integration on Mac OS X.
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    Hi, Raoul. As far a you know, is presentation support in the making for MAC OS in the future for open LP?

    Thanks for your assistance.
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    Just a thought on the Mac OS X issue:  Is it possible, as a temp fix, to have OpenLP launch LibreOffice and then OpenLP send hotkeys that cause LibreOffice to run the presentation?  The only thing that would appear in the Service list is the name of the presentation file.  This would require that anyone wanting the Presentation plugin install LibreOffice and disable the Presentation Helper in LibreOffice.  This came to me as I was looking at the Android controllers for OpenLP and LibreOffice.

    I am not a programmer so I cannot try this, but I would be ready and willing to test this.  Let me know how I can help.
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    Well, to be honest, until I came to this forum a few days ago, I had never heard of LibreOffice. I suppose it's an MS Office clone.

    However, as far I understand, OpenLP does not support presentation software of any kind for Mac. The Presentation Tab is not even available... Only Custom Slides, which is actually just text slides generated from within OpenLP.

    Right now I installed a Trial version of CrossOver For Mac, which allows you to install Windows Application on a Mac, and vice verse without having to install the operating system or any virtualization software.

    I installed it, but the Installation of the actual software I want to test (OpenLP for windows on the mac) is taking a long time. I will keep everyone posted.

    It's just that the windows version is so much better and it has more features. For instance , presentation suppor we'll be big because I have a PowerPoint Version of my church's hymnal which has the sound synched, which mean I can run that and do other thing without having to manually advance the slides.
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    Actually, I am proposing a way to re-enable the Presentation Tab in Settings.  I understand that the Mac OS X version of OpenLP does not support presentation programs.  That is the issue to which I am speaking.  LibreOffice is a very good office processing software that is open source.  I am suggesting LibreOffice due to the fact that it is open source, the fact that it can use MSOffice files and the fact that recently the developers of LibreOffice made initial changes to allow for OpenLP to use the program.  Users could make their presentation files in their favorite program (with the exeption of Keynote) and then use LibreOffice to show it.

    So, to the developers, could LibreOffice with OpenLP issuing hotkey controls do the trick?  (See my above post for more details.)
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    I hear you. But I am not a developer and I would have no clue as how to implement it. But hopefully the OpenLP team will at some point, add PowerPoint support for the Mac. I wouldn't have a problem using LibreOffice, which I already downloaded and it opens PPT files just fine.

    Thanks a lot, and if you have some info that can point me into how to implement it, I could play with it. I have basic (and I mean, very basic) programming knowledge (PHP for web development) and I coul probably follow some instructions.

    Thanks for you help, though. I do appreciate your effort. May God bless you.
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    So, raoul, what are your thoughts on this discussion?
  • There is currently being worked on support for powerpoint and keynote on Mac, though it hasen't been merged into the official development branch yet. Hopefully it will be ready for the 2.2 release, but we can't promise anything.
  • 1) LibreOffice is an open source office suite. It's as much of a "clone" of MS Office as iWork is.

    2) We do have a developer working on PowerPoint for Mac and Keynote integration for OpenLP

    3) OpenLP is identical on all platforms. Some features are disabled due to limitations of the platforms or applications on the platforms, but OpenLP itself is no different on any platform, it uses the exact same code base.

    4) HotKey controls would probably be even more problematic than anything we have at the moment. With Keynote and PPT for Mac integration being worked on, there is no need for this buggy workaround.
  • This has probably been covered elsewhere but has anyone looked into this lately?
  • Is there anything we can do to help?

    I kinda would like to have this feature back
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    We've had to park Keynote and Powerpoint integration on Mac as it is currently impossible to do. The API does not provide the methods we need to provide the level of integration required.
  • Hi can we take a screen shot of a PowerPoint slide then add it to custom slides, if so what format can I use as everything I have tried doesn't work?

    Or has this feature been un-parked?? :)
  • Nope, this feature request will remain parked until Apple or Microsoft build a suitable API. At this stage, it is unlikely to ever happen.

    On the other hand, if you can export your presentation to PDF, OpenLP can load and show PDFs.
  • @keith, if you can't use the PDF method, and if you can acquire screenshots of your slides, you can link images into Custom Slides and display them. Use the search feature - I've got a couple posts about how to do that. The other option is to just insert a ton of images instead.
  • PowerPoint has the option to Save as images.
  • Hello together, I have currently a similar problem. I am using OpenLP 2.4.6, PowerPoint 16.28 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. I try to import a pptx presentation. The import button is visible, but I cannot chose a pptx, ppt or even a keynote file. Does OpenLP still not support presentations for Mac?
  • @rocknrolli Version 2.4.6 still doesn't support presentations on Mac. Also, neither Microsoft nor Apple have released an API for their applications on Mac.
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