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Songs can be selected and exported, but it would be great to be able to select a song book and export it whole.


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    Yeah, that would be great idea. But How about also splitting or tabbing the songs into Categories, so we could have something like Hymnal 1, Hymnal 2 and not having all the songs mixed up in one place.

    We rare a small church, and our church is leased by another congregation that also uses our system.

    I'd love to be able to load their hymnal as a separate songbook so that way their stuff is not mixed up with ours.
    1. Since my church uses a Mac, which was donated, a portable OpenLP version for mac would be sort of a patch or temporary remedy as I could load their stuff into the portable version.
    2. Also it would be nice to have the Media Tab to be searchable and also being categorized (same idea of a songbook) as we have a version of hour hymnal that is synched with subtitles, which we use when we're not using the piano.
    3. CD/DVD support would be a major addition

    Perhaps my suggestion should be in a post of its own, but i in the mean time I'll leave it here.

    Raoul, we all appreciate what you're doing with this project. So why not adding a donation button to this website so we all can give small donations to support this project.


  • lawndale, you can already split the songs by songbook.

    In the Songs section, click the icon in the start of the "Search:" box and switch to Song Book.
    The list is then shown by song book.  You can then type in a few letters to limit which song books are shown (eg, "PR" will show you songbooks which contain those letters, such as "Praise").

    You can also type in a song number and it'll list that song number in each of the books which contains it.
  • Yeah, I know that. Maybe what I mean is to have different folders or tabs to better separate content.

    We area Hispanic church, and another American church rents our premises and equipment.
    Suppose our hymnal goes from songs 1-50, and theirs also go from songs 1-50. I would like to have their stuff separate within OpenLP.

    I'd love to give them accees to everything we have, but at the same time I don't want them be search in for items in the same place we do, and maybe accidentally deleting some of our content.

    Another Idea would be to add different user accounts, where the content of each user, say user 1, is independent of say account with user 2.
    Again, we may wan to have something like this: Hymanl 1 (English)
  • Hi lawndale,

    For your first enquiry, we are aware of this feature request. There are, in fact, a few around songs and song books and topics and things. There are some features and improvements we can add there, and we'll be looking into adding those into the next major version of OpenLP.

    As for your donation suggestion, the reality is that we actually don't really have use for money other than spending on things like advertising. All of the developers have full-time jobs and so any donated money is actually of no use to us; we can't use it to support our families while we take time off work to work on OpenLP. What we really need is more developers.
  • Well, I am a graphic designer, if ever needed.

    One request that would be great would be video support in the songs tab. For instance, my church has a a video version of all the hymnals, which we use when the pianist is not around. This way, we all eliminate the need to have to manually advance the slides, since, well it's a video.

    Thanks, Raoul.
  • As a work around for exporting a whole hymnal we have done the following.
    An abbreviation of the hymn/song book has been placed in the title field.
    When exporting we search for the standard abbreviation and are able to select and export and all the hymns and songs from a particular book.
    This does, however, mean that we now are various versions of some songs.

  • Hello,

    I found that there is function "print service", but it's only for titles without lyrcis.

    There would be good to have plugin or somethinks like export songs and lyrics to html page/pages.

    Or via web api only to show and save page in browser.


  • .. for example opensong has export to html
  • Does the "Include slide text if available" option not work anymore?

  • Oh yes, thanks. That's it, what I wanted.
    And one thing more, there is missing meta tag for html coding:
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
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