Windows 8.1 and Powerpoint - a real problem

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I have a new Windows 8.1 laptop.  Bought a week ago.

Have installed OpenLP on it - all OK so far.  Powerpoint plugin activated etc.

Powerpoint is a problem.  

Installed Powerpoint viewer 2007.  It installed, it was recognised by OpenLP, but filed to run, either as a stand-alone programme, or inside OpenLP.  Importing presentations to OpenLP resulted in a cross by the presentation, and an error message that the presentation was not complete.  

As this failed, I uninstalled Viewer 2007, and installed a later version from here: which took me here:

This installed fine, and ran on its own OK.  Was also recognised by OpenLP.  But importing a Presentation resulted in a locked up OpenLP.  

I have a copy of Office 365 on the laptop, which I am happy to buy if it will solve the problem, but I assume I need an Internet connection to make it work.  Our building does not have an internet connection

So I failed again.

Has anyone got any ideas at all.  This is driving me mad!

Thank you in advance.


  • Try installing OpenOffice or LibreOffice, the free work-a-like suites to Microsoft-Office, works well on Windows and some other platforms with OpenLP.
  • Hi Ed!
    Did you get any errors from PowerPoint Viewer 2007? And if so what did it say?
    It runs fine on my windows 8.1 installation. Both standalone and inside OpenLP.
    Office 365 wont solve this issue since it is webbased (runs in your browser) and can't integrate with OpenLP.
  • Thanks everyone for help.  I hope this post helps someone else as well. 


    I did indeed install LibreOffice as I use it for all my work.  Lo and behold it worked!  I was somewhat surprised.  After a reboot, that had nothing to do with this, I also discovered that PowerPoint was working.   Hey ho!

    BTW if anyone reading this is a bit wary of LibreOffice, no need to be.  It is all I need, and may be all most people need!


    I did get some error messages, but I am recalling them from memory.  Firstly when the ppt presentation  imported, there was a big red cross next to it.  Then when I tried to run it, the message was something like, "The presentation is incomplete and could not load"

    As for Office 365 I thought that was the case. 

    Anyway it seem to work now.  Am a bit puzzled as to why it did then didn't as I am unable to put it right if it stops again!
  • Hi Ed, good to hear that it worked out!
    If the powerpoint-problem returns, we'll have to debug some more.

    tgc read the requirements. Then there are high olds you have Nvidia video card.  As Nvidia video card drivers still support all the direct x 9c calls under windows 8 and up.   Intel and AMD not so much.

    ed powerpoint viewer is driver dependant so a driver update in background makes all the difference with it.  You are in the horrible zone of offically unsupported by Microsoft.
  • oiaohm, sorry but your post doesn't make sense to me...
  • tgc some people are running into trouble with powerpoint viewer under windows 8 due to video card drivers not doing particular features.    Result is crashes and lock-ups.   This is without running openlp just using powerpoint viewer.

    Windows update can update particular video card drivers so changing non working powerpoint viewer one boot into working next boot and the reverse.

    The issue is Windows 8+ stripped out some of the Direct x 9 emulation in case video cards don't support some features.

    tgc since Power-point viewer 2007 is not officially supported by Microsoft on Windows 8+ the issue is will not fix by Microsoft.   Yes Impress is looking better and better.

    I have some older model ATI/AMD cards and some Intel systems.  tgc yes there are driver issues.   

    Basically test power point viewer alone if it works your golden if it does not make sure video card drivers are installed and upto date and pray they are compatible if you are wanting Power-point viewer 2007 under windows 8+.

    tgc basically you have been lucky.   Not everyone will be.
  • Better use Powerpoint standalone!

    ---"Show Desktop" feature [...] for instance, here
    we never use the Powerpoint integration, instead we blank to desktop and
    use Powerpoint standalone.---
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