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I would love to see some dropbox integration, for those of us who work on songs from one computer and wish to use them on the church computer in the soundbooth. (or at least a way to import from any locale on the web, be it ftp directory, sky drive, dropbox, email)

This would be so awesome that everyone would drop the other programs and run screaming to Open LP, whose mission is very noble.


  • I'm not sure what is lacking here - there has been good Dropbox integration for some time (and a workaround before then). All you need to do is change the default database location to that of a shared Dropbox folder on your PC.

    Our team of 4 all have individual Dropbox accounts, but in addition the Church has its 'own' Dropbox account that holds the master OpenLP 'song' database (in a 'data' folder) and also a separate folder for the assembled service files. Then these two folders are 'shared' from the Church dropbox account to the individual accounts of each team member. This isn't a problem even with a standard 2Gb free account.

    Each team member then ensures that the installation of OpenLP on their laptop picks up the 'data' shared folder on dropbox for the song database. They can then assemble a service file at home knowing they are using the latest version of the song database. They save the resulting service file back to the shared 'Services' folder on Dropbox. Then, on Sunday morning in church, switch on the Church laptop which synchronises with Dropbox and picks up the previously created service file.

    Obviously there are a few caveats: You need an internet connection in church to synch with Dropbox. Also, your team need a little discipline to avoid two people trying to update the song database or service file at the same time. If you get a 'conflicted copy' file in Dropbox, then you have to resolve this manually. You probably also need to keep a backup in case someone accidentally deletes the database.

    We've been operating this way for almost two years now and it really does work very well. The only time we had an issue was the other month when Dropbox itself had a service outage over the weekend.

    Best wishes

  • I'd echo Howard's comment. We've been running OLP in my church on this basis for over a year with no issues.  I set it up using a "junction" to point from the usual OLP data folder to one in my Dropbox folder and it just works. Changes to all the main databses just sync.

    The only downside of how we work is that you always want to leave 10 mins extra before the service to ensure that the dropbox sync has time to complete (our church broadband speed isn't great). Otherwise absoutely zero issues.

  • We use Dropbox to transfer the prepared OpenLP service files from the church office PC to the in-church projection PC, but what I've found is that both PCs must have the root DropBox folder in the same absolute path, not under a user account. This is because OpenLP stores the full/absolute path for media, images, presentations, themes, etc. in its databases. Whilst all the objects for a service are encapsulated into the resulting osz file (i.e. a .zip file named .osz), the rest of the loaded objects need to be in the same path as stored in the database otherwise they're not usable.

    Also, whilst I haven't tried it, I presume the Mac version uses Mac syntax paths for media etc. objects in the databases, so would be incompatible with a Windows version, making Dropbox sync not possible.

    Basically, a way needs to be found to make all stored object paths relative to the OpenLP/Data folder (& optionally copying them in there if not already), not absolute, and in a common, version/platform independent format, such that service preparation may be performed on a Mac, sync'd via DropBox (or Drive, etc.) and then projected from a PC, whilst retaining full setup capability by the projecting PC.

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