Problem with songs using custom tags

edited March 2014 in General Support
Just ran in to a problem I don't remember having had before.  I have some custom tags I use on the primary projection machine, mainly one that makes the text .9em of normal when a line just barely doesn't fit.  That tag is only on that one machine evidently, which makes sense, because there's like 6 other machines that work can happen on, and I only have access to 4 of the 6 on any regular basis.  I've added these songs before from a machine with out the tag, and its worked.  But today, OpenLP threw an error because of it (I was able to deduce from the error that the custom tag was the issue).  It seems like this was brought up before, but is there anyway custom tags can be made more transportable?  Right now, it looks like the only way to do it is via export/import of settings, which isn't a good way, because system differences makes them not uniform across machines. (my computer and the projection computer are the only ones with multiple displays for instance, on 2 of the machines the data folders are on Drive D mine E, two others C, etc). 


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