HDMI cutting out sound - a solution

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Further to the problems I have had with Windows 8.1 and OpenLP - all solved here on the forums, I thought I would post a solution, in the hope that it will help someone.  I hope that is OK

Set up is a new HP laptop with Windows 8.1, and OpenLP

Laptop is connected to projector via HDMI > VGA adapter and thence to the projector

When I plugged in the HDMI to the laptop, the sound was cut off from the headphone socket on the laptop.  A bit if a disaster.

But here is the solution. 

I carried this out at home before connecting to the projector.  It worked at home, and I see not need to doubt that it will work in the building! 
  1. Start some music - I used Media player.  Insert headphones in laptop.
  2. Insert HDMI lead.  Seemingly you do not need a projector as well. After a brief pause, sound from headphones will stop.  The screen will flash, and change to a small VGA display.  Do not panic.
  3. Right-click speaker icon in taskbar
  4. Select playback devices
  5. Select Playback tab
  6. You SHOULD now have two entries in this box.
  7. One says something like VGA Display
  8. The other says something like Speaker/HP.  This may vary a bit depending on your machine
  9. Right click the one that refers to Speaker/HP -  NOT the VGA one!
  10. Set it as default.  On mine the VGA was set as default
  11. A little green tick should appear on it.
  12. Sound should now reappear on headphones
  13. Remove HDMI and screen will revert to normal all by itself!

I hope this helps someone!

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