Music programs, music only, no lyrics

Do any of you know any programs, software or other programs that provide music with no lyrics?  I would like to find something in case our Pianist is no longer with us.
I'm concerned that when our Pianist is gone our song service will suffer.  There aren't may piano players anymore.  So, I would appreciate any direction.

Thank you.


  • A couple of backing track systems I've seen advertised at a worship conference are:

    Note however I've not used them, so couldn't comment on how well they work. I'm sure there are plenty of other systems out there too.

  • I don't think pianists are getting hard to find, GOOD pianists have always been hard to find, and they are getting even vebn harder to find.   If your pianist is getting older, then perhaps finding someone young who is interested in playing, and getting them properly trained by your pianist is the ideal.  Many churches with organs have this same problem, nobody learns the organ anymore, so a church with a century old pipe organ, finds it impossible to find anyone who is willing to play it, but still has to deal with the costs of keeping it maintained, and having a large space taken up by a rarely used instrument.

    One problem with music players like this is they tend to be regimented in their performance, in other words if the music player is programmed to play at 98BPM, and the congregation likes to sing a certain hymn at 97BPM it will be slightly off, something a good pianist or organist can compensate for, many don't even realise they are doing it.  Some of these pianists in a box also sound like a computer synthesizer from about 1975..... 

    Unfortunately selling the piano, and buying a keyboard is getting really difficult, we had two pianos, and one was given away and the other was scrapped, because the resale value on an upright piano has gone to nothing..... 

  • We are currently searching for a keyboard for our church. Some keyboards can now record a song that is played by the keyboardist. The song can be exported in a wav file for playing on a PC. Perhaps this could be a solution ?
  • Even if your hymn book has 800 tunes in it, your likely to use about 40-50 on a regular basis, outside special seasons like Christmas and Easter.  .  You can take and put a microphone in your piano, and record your piano each week, using a computer and then process those into MP3 files and connect them to the OpenLP lyrics for those songs, and then just plug the computer into your sound system when the pianist isn't there, and you get your music the way the congregation likes it.   

  • Here is a source of (mainly) organ music.

    Non copyright material is free. Copyright material is downloadable for a nominal charge

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