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Hi folks, post your bug reports here.

I'd also just like to make an appeal. If you come across a bug, please post it here, and not in it's own topic. Make sure you are not repeating what someone else has already posted.


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    Doesn't hold images or powerpoint information when closed down.This causes problems when you save orders of service, as when you load then back in it gives an error if they include either of above. Not sure if same applies to videos.
  • edited May 2007 doesn't import the images or videos into its data directories, but it saves the direct locations of those items in the order of service. we did have a problem with the saving and loading of the orders of service in RC1, but have squashed this bug for RC2. the powerpoint saving and loading should work fine in RC2 as well.

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    when in adding new song to the data base, it says something about switch to classic view well where is the switch to classic view its not there :)just letting ya all know, thank you for an awsome opensource program for a church envoriment :)
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    Thanks Face, it's now fixed for RC2.

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    On sunday we used the rc 1 at church and I noticed a couple of problems.

    Firstly projected jpeg images - to colour wasnt very good. It is difficult to describe the problem. Some photo editors have a effect called solarize. I noticed that there were areas on the image which seemed solarized.

    Video playback worked faily well, but at times during the playback, black lines appeared on the video.

    I also noticed a bug reagarding saving order of services - when opening the service again, the song titles were correct, but when I made them live, the words were from a different song, even though the title, author and copyright info were correct.

    Otherwise, this is a great bit of software - thanks guys.

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    Order of Service: This is a known bug, fixed in RC2, see Derek's blog entry

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    I'm currently just started evaluating OpenLP, so apologies if these are 'known issues'. Running on Windows XP SP2. PowerPoint 2003.

    1. I added a PPT file to the Order of Service. After showing the PPT I pressed escape (which was a mistake, but is habit!) I then get errors along the line of "Presentation (Unknown member) : Invalid Request : There is currently no slide show view for this presentation."
    Also I sometimes get "Error occurred launching Powerpoint". (not after pressing Esc) when switching between PPT and lyrics, but I haven't been able to find out the common cause.

    2. There is a "+" button to add lyrics to the Order of Service. This doesn't appear on the Bible/Movie/PPT tabs. It took me a while to discover the right click context menu. Could the "+" button be added to the others? A display live button would be handy too.

    3. Also I managed to get things in the preview window, but I can't find a way of transferring this to the live window.

    4. How do I show alerts? I see them mentioned on the website, but couldn't see the button to press.

    5. If a Display Monitor isn't setup, please could you mention how to set it up the first time tries to display something live. I was hunting around for a while trying to find an F5 key or something to actually display what was in the live window!

    6. Adding Bible verses. I tried to add a verse for "Matt" but it didn't recognize it. Having to type the bible name in full is a bit tedious, and the preacher would have finished by the time I'd typed in "2 Thessalonians" correctly!

    7. I did get a codec problem message trying to play an AVI movie that normally plays OK on my laptop. However I've just tried to duplicate it and couldn't, so if it happens again, I'll let you know! However an option of only stretching the movie proportionally would be good, since a 4:3 movie on a widescreen second monitor causes it to go out of proportion.

    8. When loading a PowerPoint file into the left hand panel, it ideally needs an hourglass or something to indicate that it's doing something.

    On the whole a good application, and I hope to be able to use it in a Church service soon!

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