Sharing a database

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What's the perceived wisdom/copyright rules on one user who's created an openlp db of songs then sharing that db with another person?

My context is a group of Churches (a Methodist 'Circuit'), who all own (many) hard copies of Hymns and Psalms AND who all have CCLI licenses which permit each church to project songs.

I have a db already (imported from EW) and want to share it with my fellow churches and those involved in leading worship.


  • * OPINION* As long as the recipient has the same legal rights concerning copyrighted material as the materials in the DB you are providing, then you should be fine.

    The usual caveats apply - for each copyrighted material that's in the database, ensure that the recipient understands their responsibilities concerning the material received.

    If you're unsure about their status, then let them know that you must follow the legal direction in order to keep your church out of legal issues.

    As usual, IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer) - so if you have more in-depth requirements or more questions, request advice from a licensed practitioner.

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