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This may seem like a silly question, but...

With Windows XP at the end of it support I am looking at moving the Ubuntu OS.  Before I commit to it, is there an easy way to move my work done in windows to Ubuntu.  Thanks!


  • Are you asking about general stuff, or OpenLP in particular.

    Either way, it depends on the applications you used, and what formats your files are. In most cases, your Word, Excel, etc files will continue to work just fine in LibreOffice. Moving the actual files should be as simple as backing them up to another hard drive or flash drive or something, installing Ubuntu, and then copying the files back.

    WikiHow actually has a really good article on migrating from Windows to Ubuntu:

    For OpenLP specifically, you'll want to backup everything in the data folder. Go to Tools, Open Data Folder, and copy everything in there to a safe place. You can also export your settings by going to File, Export, Settings, and saving the settings file in a safe place.

    Once you've got Ubuntu loaded, just look in the Software Center for OpenLP, install it, and then once you've got it up and runing, import your settings and open your data folder and copy all your data back. Restart OpenLP for everything to take effect, then you should be done.
  • You're welcome to ask here for more advice about moving, we're more than happy to help with non-OpenLP related things too.
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    Have you tried Lubuntu?

    I don't recommend Ubuntu with Unity for OpenLP, since there are some issues showing a service presentation with the way Unity works. (LibreOffice Impress, an alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint, works fine in Unity, though.)

    I sent some workarounds to Raoul a while back to add to the FAQ's for people using Ubuntu with Unity.

    However, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and (as far as I know) Ubuntu GNOME all work perfectly well with OpenLP.

    Lubuntu supports old harware VERY well, and works in an almost identical way to XP. Get it from

    If you are looking for a more comprehensive multimedia solution, may I suggest Ubuntu Studio?
  • Kubuntu is a good version for Windows users, and I've been running it with satisfaction for several years. I just installed OpenLP, and the setup wizard hung a few times but finally went to completion. The program seems to running fine now.

    I recommend you get Kubuntu 12.04 rather than one of the newer versions. This version is slated for long term support.

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