For Song Imports, Is XML Available?

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Songs in Presentation Manager are in a type of XML format, and I would like to know if it's something I can import. Here's a sample song file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<song xmlns="creativelifestyles/song">
<verse id="Verse1a">
We fall down,
We lay our crowns
At the feet of Jesus,
The greatness of mercy and love
At the feet of Jesus.

<verse id="Verse1b">
And we cry holy, holy, holy;
And we cry holy, holy, holy;
And we cry holy, holy, holy
Is the Lamb.


  • That actually looks very similar to the OpenLyrics format.

    Could you email a couple of real songs to support(at) ?
  •  need to do what I can to start converting my >600 Presentation Manager song files to OpenLP.

    Fetching them from SongSelect is not an option, because I have manually added punctuation to almost all of them.

    I don't know anything about the other import formats, but I can use this skeleton to do a SongSelect import:

    Title with Prefix, Two blank lines between each stanza.

    Verse 1 (Chorus, Bridge, Pre-chorus, Intro, Ending, Other)

    CCLI Song # 0000000
    © 2011
    CCLI License # xxxxxx (my actual number here)

    I don't know if all that stuff is needed, but it worked.

    Well, in my one experiment, I noticed that a Chorus stanza was marked as an Other. I don't know if that's a bug in the import routine. I'm sure hoping everything that's not a Verse doesn't get marked as Other. That would include Chorus, Bridge, Pre-chorus, Intro,  and Ending

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