How to Move Through Bible Verses

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I'm feeling very good about song lyrics and custom elides that I set up before the service.

Now I need to learn how to deal with the fact that my pastor doesn't tell me in advance what Bible verses he's going to use.

I figured out how to find the first verse he wants, and I see how to switch from Service to Live to display that first verse.

But how do I move quickly (as he reads) from the first verse to the following verses until he finishes that reading?



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    We usually add them to the service in advance but occasionally I've searched for the right chapter in the Bible section of the media manager and then just double-clicked on the right verse. I think you have to double click on each verse as needed if you're running them from the media manager.

    Alternatively, search for the chapter, as above; by default all verses are selected. Drag them all into the service. Expand the reading in the service. Double click on the right verse and then use the down button to move to the next verses. It's just about manageable if you type and click fast. You'll need to set the option so that double clicking sends an item live if it's not enabled by default. I find it saves time.
  • Thank you, Carl, that was just what I needed. I think the best approach for me is:
    1. Search for Bible chapter.
    2. Drag selected chapter to service and expand.
    3. Double click first verse in service window.
    4. Use down arrow to move through verses.

    That seems the most foolproof.

  • The most foolproof is to ASK.  The pastor may not realise that you need this information in advance, so then he/she will not provide it.  If you let him/her know that you need this ahead of time, then they will fire off an email or text to let you know. 

    The sermon process is a long one, it starts, usually early in the week, often Monday, the pastor will pick a passage, or get one from the lectionary.  They then should do an exegesis (fancy word for intense study) of that passage.  Often pastors will write their sermon on Wednesday or Thursday, let it cook for a while, then review it, often Saturday evening or even early (like 5am early) on Sunday morning, to finish it's preparation. 

  • Thanks, wogster. We'rfe actually between pastors right now. The one who just left never did email. Maybe the next one will be both online and organized.  :)

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