Moving from Linux to Windows

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No, I'm not dissatisfied with my favorite OS; the title refers to the fact that my home machine is running Debian Linux, and the church box is Windows XP.

Today I took my data folder on a flash drive to church and installed OpenLP. The experience was a disaster, but I think it may have something to do with the files on the flash drive. I'm going to try again tomorrow and will report the results.

I would like to use the Dropbox approach, but Internet access is not reliable enough at my location. So I need to be able to transport file changes by flash drive.

Where are the actual images stored? In the data folder there is just a thumbnails folder.

I did run into a mystery in that the data folder created by the Windows install was not reachable in Windows Explorer:
The above is what shows up in OpenLP's "open the data folder" function. But there is no Application Data at that location in Windows Explorer!

I put a new data folder in My Documents and hopefully tomorrow will have better results.



  • If the church has Internet, and the church box is connected to it, then it needs to be moved from XP to something else, or replaced.  Microsoft is no longer supporting XP...... 

    I think Application Data is a hidden directory, because if you go to the command line and type that all in, it's there.  If you try searching in Explorer or do a dir on Video Guy it's not visible.  IIRC if your in Video Guy and type cd Application Data you will get there.

    You essentially need to copy everything in that data directory, then drop it onto the new machine, however some things seem to use fixed rather then relative directories, and need to be fixed up on the receiving machine.    Powerpoints are one, and audio files are another.  I think Raoul and the team are working on fixing these, which will make it easier, but as with most volunteer projects, it can take a while.
  • Thanks, wogster I'm glad to understand that.

    However, I'm still puzzled by this:
    Where are the actual images stored? In the data folder there is just a thumbnails folder.

  • I just got back from another attempt to use the Windows XP install at church. I succeeded in getting some more information for my next test.

    Although the files loaded and displayed fine at home, the three theme .png's in Themes were unreadable at church. For no particularly good reason, I have loaded each one in GIMP at home and then exported fresh copies to test later.

    Of the six Bible files only the NKJV was readable. When I came home I installed an sqlite browser, and all six files look OK. So I'll try copying them over again this afternoon.


  • Well, I got things going well enough that I'm going to take a chance with Sunday's service.

    Thanks, guys, for the help and an excellent program.

  • For themes, the images are in the themes folder, each theme has it's own folder, which contains an image file and an XML file.  You may find a copy of the image in the themes folder as well with the same name as the theme.   I'm not sure where it uses this other copy. 

    One other thing though, since Windows XP is no longer supported, that machine should be disconnected from the Internet, or the Operating System upgraded to something else (Debian is a pretty good option, as are Fedora and Ubuntu :D
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    Thanks, wogster. Yes, I know where the Themes images are, but where are the images that are shown in the Images section of Media Manager?

    I have a lot of images listed in MM, but the images folder has only a thumbnails folder.

    In terms of the Win XP machine, it's too old to run a newer Windows, and there are a bunch of Windows Weenies using the machine. So Debian is out of the question. The worship leader is considering either MediaShout or EasyWorship ($399!), and I suspect that old box won't run them,, either. So we may get a new computer with Win 8 on it.

  • I think that openlp just pulls the image from where it is stored on your computer so if it is in you pictures folder then the images stays in the picture folder and openlp just makes a thumbnail for its own use.

    It is possible to run easyworship on an old xp machine. A laptop with 512mb of ram is what was used at my old church in one of the buildings but it would only do words. Plus easyworship is dropping support for xp in their next version.
  • I think that openlp just pulls the image from where it is stored on your computer so if it is in you pictures folder then the images stays in the picture folder and openlp just makes a thumbnail for its own use.

    OK, I can see that might present a problem working on Linux at home and Windows at church. However, since it seems the images are embedded in the service files, it may not matter.

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