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This may seem like a crazy idea but I wanted to throw it out there as an idea.

I know Android devices/Chromebooks are "Linux" at heart so do any of the developers have a chromebook or considered what it would take to make OLP work on a Chromebook? It may be impossible but can't hurt to consider these things.


  • If you install linux on the chromebook or run linux in a chroot environment on a chromebook you should probably be able to run openlp on a chromebook.
    It might be possible to get openlp running in google chrome NaCL (Native client) but at the moment is is designed to run c/c++ programs not python.
  • There are NO worship presentation programmes on Chromebook apps.
    Also the Powerpoint equivalent doesn't play audio.
    There are NO slide presentation programmes on Chromebook apps that play audio.

    This seems like a great opportunity to get seen on this rapidly expanding OS - it is bound to take a large part of the Windows market.

    It would be brilliant if someone could get openlp onto Chromebook apps.
    I just wish I had the expertise to do it!
  • None of the developers have Chromebooks. We'd love to support them (they are just a cut-down version of a Linux distro), but without access to one, we cannot really do anything about it.
  • raoul I can solve that lack of Chromebooks problem.   But it does not change it is going to be hell to support Chromebooks.

    The difference from application point of view of running inside a normal Linux desktop chrome browser with a chrome desktop application installed and a Chromebook is almost zero.     So before even bothering with buying a Chromebook first step is getting application working in the Chrome browser as a normal Chrome application.   The difference between a Chrome app and a Chromebook app is also almost nothing.   But the difference between normal Linux and Nacl inside Chrome is almost alien worlds.

    scio python programs can be made run as a chrome app as Nacl.   Nacl ports lists is a very good read.  Issue is not python is openlp usage of qt that is a worse headache same with the support programs openlp uses that are not ported.

    To be truthful with a chromebook to run openlp its simpler to switch chrome os to development install to Ubuntu chroot then install openlp in that.

    BonndaryProducts please remember for powerpoint on Linux openlp reaches out to Libreoffice or OpenOffice being inside Chrome Nacl on a Chromebook will still leave openlp without these features.   Once you start doing something advanced its normally install Linux on either Chromebooks or Android.

    raoul tell me if you love the idea of supporting chromebooks after you look at how many road blocks exist to prevent openlp from running inside Chrome Browser.   For chromebook support I really think you need to put out the donation jar as it will be a huge project with lots of work for non openlp projects just to make openlp work.
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