And the winner is... OpenLP!

edited April 2014 in General Support
I found three open source, cross-platform programs: OpenLP, OpenSong, and Quelea. I determined that I would give each one a good testing.

Quelea is not ready for prime time. It's a Java app, and wipes out my Linux system.

OpenSong is very attractive, but there seems to be no way to present Bible verses live, as opposed to loading them in the service file.

That leaves OpenLP. This week I've spent a bunch of hours in Linux at home and in Windows at church. I'm very impressed with the power and convenience of this program. I'm looking forward to its debut in Sunday morning's service.

Our youth minister, who is our only tech-savvy staff member, is also our worship leader, at least for now. He's been looking at a couple of paid programs, Media Shout and Easy Worship, that I think run only on Windows or OS X. I told him he could use whatever he wants, but I'm going to be using my Linux system at home to create the service files.

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