Where are data files in OS X?

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I'm a Linux user and a Windows refugee, but I've had only a little experience with OS X. My church has just approved the purchase of a new computer, and the guy in charge may want a Mac... and maybe I will, too.

I just installed OpenLP on a Macbook Pro someone loaned me, and the interface is running fine. Now I need to import some files from a flash drive so I can really give it a test. The default data folder doesn't seem to exist; there is no Library under Users/lanelester, and none of the folders there have the OpenLP data. Help!

P.S. I did a search for "OpenLP" in Finder and found an OpenLP data directory with the usual stuff in it. However, when I copied my customized themes folder and songs.sqlite to that location, it had no effect when I ran OpenLP again. Just the default install stuff was showing. There seems to be another "data directory" somewhere., but Search doesn't find it.

P.P.S. Well, I still don't know where OpenLP installed the data folder, but I was able to ignore it by copying the data folder from my Linux machine to a new folder in Documents and then setting that as the data folder.



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