[Feature Request] Default Theme for Songs

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Every time I import a song I have to assign a theme to it. Since I use the same theme for all songs, it would be nice to have a default that would be placed in that field automatically.

I should say my song theme is different from the service themes I use.



  • So your theme level is set to service level?
  • No, Song level. My procedure for adding songs is
    1. Download song lyrics as .txt from SongSelect.
    2. Import into OpenLP.
    3. Edit song in Media Manager to fix wrong tags, add custom tags, specify verse order, and assign the theme.
    It's the last of the above things in Step 3 I would like to eliminate. The song edit dialogue comes up with no theme assigned, so I have to choose the theme. If I could specify a default theme, that would be one less tab to click, one less pull-down menu to activate, and one less choice to click.

  • In your service manager, you can set the default theme as any particular theme and all the songs will be displayed that way. Would that work for you?
  • No, but thanks for the suggestion. I have a bunch of backgrounds I cycle through every few weeks as.the default service theme. These set the appearance of custom slides like "Worship in Prayer."

    All of the songs, on the other hand, use a theme with a blue-to-black background and other differences. This is the theme I wish was automatically selected in every song import.

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