[Feature Request] Optional Transition on same text

edited May 2014 in Development
Open LP 2.0.4 had a change for transitions when the text is the same.
Until then, if the text was the same with the previous slide, there was no transition. Which was great, in my opinion.
Sadly it was reported as "bug" 1223841 and removed.
For bridges, chorus etc. I often used this behavior for my advantage. I added an Italic (2x) to the end of the section for the audiance but I also added it to the verse order twice. This help me to keep track, how often we already sang it.
Especially if something is repeated for as often as four times and/or might be a slow passage, it was very good to keep track, so I did not advance the slide to late or to early, and the audience not noticing my little trick.
Now they do notice, as there is a transition now. I understand that some people might actually want such a transition, but could me make that optional and have a setting, that can disable it? For people like me, that do not want this feature?

Whats your opinion on this?



  • I use custom slide for announcements with "play slides in loop" and I set delay to 3s. Slides that I want to display longer I copy them twice or more, but now I have to set transitions to "off"...
    Would be nice to have old "bug" back as an option so we can use transitions too with this trick of displaying same text more than 1 time, or need option for different timing for each slide.
  • I second Patrick's request.  I actually thought of it as a bug when testing, because when I reached the bottom of a song and kept pressing "down," it would do the fade-transition.  An option would be great. :)
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