Liturgy Questions

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I am working on setting up openLP for my church. We are a Catholic church so we have a set liturgy each Sunday. I'm curious how most people set up their slides.

Our liturgy has speaking parts then a song then return back to speaking parts. My first inclination is to break the service up into Custom Slides for each "block" of spoken liturgy and then drop in the songs between them.

Any suggestions?


  • Or, as an alternative, you can create a new song, then set each verse as the words for each part you want to see on the slide.

    example will have 
    Chorus: repeated words
    Verse XX: Non-repeating words

    The format for creating a new song is:
    [---Chorus:N---] (N=number)

    Just make sure that there is three (3) dashes (- - -) surrounding each separator

    If parts appear to spill-over onto a second slide, you can also put an optional split [---] at the point where it would be a better break to new slide.

  • Forgot to add - this is probably only feasible if you have the same songs each service.

    If you have different songs each service, then you can create a liturgy song and intermix between the liturgy and songs in the service manager.
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