Current Best Practice for Videos?

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My worship leader likes to show YouTube videos sometimes. We have been doing this by showing them online in the browser, but that is a clumsy process that looks bad to the congregation. He has asked me if downloaded videos can be imported into OpenLP and shown from there.

The user manual says simply:
Load media:
Import one or more media files. Media files need to be imported in order to be used in OpenLP.

But I see all this online discussion about VLC and Phonon, so I don't know how to begin. I'm afraid using VLC will look just as amateurish as using the browser.

I'm running OLP in Linux at home and Windows XP at church.



  • VLC is used as the backend only - the display will be normal (without the vlc widgets) and is controlled from within OpenLP.

    I use linux, and VLC gives the widest support for video formats that I've found (with better results).

    With that said, not sure what all needs to be installed with VLC on windows.
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    Thanks, Alison! I added VLC to my Linux setup. The video function works just fine.

    Now to go to church and fight with Windows.

    Later: It was no fight at all. I downloaded the VLC Windows installer, installed it, and set VLC in the OLP settings. The test video worked perfectly.

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