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I really like Open LP but the interface to edit each slide is cumbersome. There is no option to stretch the image you wish to use as background. Also you can't format text on the fly. 

I find the theme idea cumbersome. Is there any way this will change in the future? 

Currently my church uses Easy slides which hasn't been updated since 2011. It tends to freeze a lot and sometimes the features don't work so I'm currently fishing around for a new worship software to use.


  • OpenLP will stretch images automatically, but it always retains the correct image aspect ratio - it will not make the image go out-of-proportion. Examples: If you supply an image of size 800 x 600, and your projector screen is 1024x768, OpenLP will automatically stretch your image to 1024x768. However, if you supply an image of size 800 x 400, and your projector screen is 1024x768, OpenLP will only stretch that image to 1024x512 – this second stretched image will then not fill your screen fully as it is only 512 pixels high and you will have a little gap or margin at the top and bottom.  OpenLP allows you to define the colour of this margin within each theme.

    There is a learning-curve with themes (there’s a learning curve with the whole program) but once you get the idea it becomes easier. Here are two tips for themes: (a) For background images, always choose images with the correct aspect ratio for your projector and (b) There is no need to build a new theme from scratch each time – whenever you want a new theme, start with one that already works well for you, make a copy of that, then rename your copy, then make your required changes. This is so much quicker than starting a new theme from scratch.

    Once you have a good set of themes, to change text on the fly, you just change your theme.

    OpenLP has many options and facilities but that does give the program quite a steep learning curve. Once you get up the curve it’s good.  The program has always been rock solid and reliable on my computers – I have never known OpenLP to freeze or let me down during a service.

  • There is a feature request for this.
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