Crash when changing item theme

edited July 2014 in Troubleshooting
Anybody else experience this?  During the service yesterday, I right clicked on a song in the service manager that I had earlier set to a different theme and tried to set it back to the default theme, and OpenLP crashed (the windows message saying the program has quit working and mush be shut down).  This only happens when I have an item in the service manager displayed on the live output.  If I open the service and don't select anything, it'll let me change the theme without problems (kind of inconvenient if something needs to be changed on the fly).  Additionally, it will crash if I try to change the item theme on any item in the service manager to any other theme, not just the default theme or one specific song.

The computer runs Win7 64 bit sp1, all updates applied.  I upgraded OpenLP from 2.0.4 to the latest 2.0.5, but no difference.  I haven't tried to duplicate on another computer or even with another service yet.  I will admit the service was a full one with several different themes in use, plus a video, images, custom slides, songs, bible verses, and an impress presentation.


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