[Feature Request] Android

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I really like the app in general, but there is one aspect that keeps me from making use of it in worship.

When advancing the lyrics I do not like to use the buttons, because at times you are not sure if it received your input and you are tempted to do it again. You can wait or click again, but either way you may do the wrong thing. I have the same issue on the remote web interface from a PC. On the remote web I get around it by clicking on the verse I want, and not using the next verse button. I can scroll with the mouse wheel and click on the verse I want, and it is always safe to click it again. For the app the only way to scroll is touching the screen, which can sometimes select a verse accidentally (not good). If there was a way to scroll without potentially selecting a verse that would make the app very useable!

1) Some apps allow you to scroll with the volume buttons. I think that would work.
2) If there was part of the screen, maybe a scroll region on the right side, where you could scroll without the risk of selecting a verse. I think that would work.

Thank you so much!! Mike

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