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I develop WorshipSong Band, a freeware multitrack player with integrated chord charts tied to song flow.  It also has a static background limited lyric presentation capability.  I recently added a network option to allow chord charts to be distributed to tablets (IOS and Android).  The app also runs natively on these platforms, as well as Windows and Mac.  So bands are starting to use us for chord chart display along with their track playback needs.

I am having users now wanting to integrate synchronized chord/lyric capabilities with 'real' presentation software.  I was wondering about the feasibility of building a plugin to OpenLP to allow the lyrics to be driven live from our app.  So a user would fire up WorshipSong Band to handle loops, metronomes, chord charts, cues and the like, and then have OpenLP in a presenter mode listening to the WorshipSong network feed with the lyrics sent from WorshipSong, so everything between the band and the presentation would be in sync.

I think the work would be in figuring out how to enable a song to be driven from our app over the network (a UI control), and how to feed in the lyrics to display at any given time, overriding what might have already been displayed over whatever backgrounds you already have.

Does this sound possible and doable? 


  • Mark Snyder yes it should be possible to integrate but there should be sane limitations.  All display sections of openlp are plugins written in python.   Also remember openlp runs on Linux and other Platforms.    Current release of openlp python 2 next major release should be python 3 the core is around qt project and webkit.

    Openlp remote function is just a plugin.   Using the existing plugins it would be possible but integration would be poor with lots of complex code on your side puppeting a html interface that the project is planning on changing a lot.    Openlp remote can create new custom slides even enter new songs.   Problem here using existing parts we will end up with a fight between your program and the openlp operator.

    Ideal the openlp operator has to be able to flick away from the plugin cutting off your applications network feed.   Also just like video playback the openlp also will require some controls to be able to send like pause everyone something has happened.

    Some of Integration with openlp is horrible like Powerpoint with auto playback does the same issue of fighting with the operator.  Also do take a look at this project stage view.   Objective is to be application less where possible with openlp.  So it does not matter if its a laptop, chromebook, iphone, andorid, Windows RT device as long as it has a web-browser everything is fine.  Advantage of going this path is updates.  Update server and every device is fine.   So the design path of your application and openlp don't really agree.  qt project library provides web server  designed to talk to applications or provide html5.  Notice here there is "Show webpages".  So html5 from your application in future could be enough to join the two programs.  Its not like this project does not want the means todo chord charts with song flow without requiring a third party application.  Currently openlp and opensong don't 100 percent cover each other functionality.

    Mark Snyder there is a lot of thinking you need todo.

  • Hi Mark, I'm Raoul, the project leader. Please contact us via our support e-mail address, and then the development team can discuss some of the finer details.
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