Replace Live Background not working after 2.01

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  • I have had a consistent problem from 2.02 on. When we try to put in a live background video it does not play The videos still play fine on their own, but not as backgrounds. We are using Windows 7 Home edition. When I uninstall and reinstall 2.01 it will work again. Any suggestions? Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Just for clarification...

    You use the term "live background video" and then say "the videos still play fine on their own." Are you talking about a video feed from a camera or a motion background video? Aside from that I am really confused as to what you are talking about. OLP plays videos but does not play motion videos behind song lyrics. There is a work around for that using another player with a transparent theme but that does not seem to be what you are talking about.You also state that it works with 2.01 so I am assuming you are talking about something else. A more detailed explanation will probably lead to some answers for you.
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    I am talking about playing a video (usually a slight motion video that plays on a loop) behind the lyrics as a background. To do this you have to have to go to the video and hit the replace "live background" button while the song is already up. In 2.01 it works. In other words, when I hit, go live, it starts playing the video in a loop as the background. In 2.02 and beyond it did not work. 

    Now when I say it still plays as a regular video, I mean that when I play the background video or any other video on its own, it still works fine. 

    I posted the same question in the general discussions and got a response from someone else who is having the same problem.

    I have downloaded all the regular video player and codecs. 
  • I think you guys are talking about the "replace background" feature, which is still there, just implemented slightly differently. See the Media entry in the manual.
  • Hello.
    I would like to know how you can put a moving backround to song lyrics. I would be really happy :)
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