Feature: Video Slideshows, Audio Fade, Temporary Items

edited August 2014 in Development
1. I like to play all sorts of videos between services. It would be great if (in the same way that we can for images) we can add multiple videos into one 'item' and set them to autoplay one after another.

2. We use (and love) the background audio link for some of the songs that we use. Any chance we could have say an automatic five second fade out when we stop the audio (we often finish before the audio is done, and the sudden cut is not something I am a fan of.)

3. A lot of the notice images, videos and powerpoint items that we use are a one-off use... we have to add them to the respective media libraries and them remove them immediately after (I like to keep things tidy). Any chance we could drag "one off" items to the playlist without requiring that they be added to our media libraries?

Love what you do, and have been singing the praises of OpenLP in some workshops I have been running lately. It truly is a great product.
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