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Is there a plan to introduce video looping as a background or a theme at some point.   I love the software and am very grateful for it, but the ability to use video loops is something I would like.  

(I am running OpenLP on a Mac)


  • There's the workaround solution that everybody uses.  Create a theme with a 'transparent background' and then run your looping video on another media player that's set to full screen behind OpenLP.
  • I second the OP.  Please make it easier to loop video.  All the cool programs are doing it.  :P
  • Need Video Backgrounds 3rd Part apps to confusing for all! Like to keep it simple so all can used by all Volunteers?
    Program Is Great happy with it!
  • Agreed, Open Lp should be allowed to use Video Backgrounds and loop them! This is a must for our church!!!!!! Please Add!!!!!!! 
  • Hi guys,

    We are well aware of this request. Please just note that there are only a handful of developers who use their spare time between family, church and work to bring OpenLP to you. We are not paid to work on OpenLP, we do it for free.
  • But there are plans to add this functionality to the OpenLP?
  • Yes, there are plans, and there is a good chance it will be in the 2.4 release. But as Raoul said, the development resources are limited, so we won't promise anything.
  • It's good to know that it's being worked on. Video backgrounds have been commonplace staples in church slide presentations for 10-15 years or more. It would really round out this program! It's the only feature I'm missing that's keeping me from running this at our church instead of spending hundreds on the proprietary programs.

    Just a thought: I was thinking about how this might be fairly easily done (granted, I haven't done any real programming in decades). Could a temporary solution be to simply automate the current workaround? For example, if a user creates a theme, and sets the background as a video file instead of an image, then OpenLP could automatically set the theme to transparent, and issue a couple simple commands to VLC to first grab a screen capture to use as the thumbnail image in the theme manager, and then run the video file on the appropriate screen in the background (looped, with no GUI), then issue a stop command when the background needs to be ended. I'm sure there's probably a more elegant solution, but this might be a "quick fix" you can add to an upcoming point release until something better can be put into the next major version. You may have already thought of this, or perhaps this isn't helping. In those cases, you may simply ignore this comment! :) God bless!
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    For video loop background here is a temporary solution (windows - using latest version of vlc 2.2.1):

    Save this code into a .bat file (startvloop.bat) and drag video you want to play into it.
    "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -f --no-mouse-events --no-qt-fs-controller --qt-minimal-view --no-qt-bgcone --qt-start-minimized --no-osd --noaudio --quiet --qt-fullscreen-screennumber=1 --repeat --aspect-ratio="4:3" %1

    Another way is to edit a shortcut and write these parameters in target field:
    "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -f --no-mouse-events --no-qt-fs-controller --qt-minimal-view --no-qt-bgcone --qt-start-minimized --no-osd --noaudio --quiet --qt-fullscreen-screennumber=1 --repeat --aspect-ratio="4:3"

    Assuming vlc.exe is in C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\

    --aspect-ratio="4:3" can be omitted or set to another aspect: 16:9 or 16:10

    You can toggle video by left click on vlc icon in system tray.

    If you want to get rid of "Do you want to restart the playback where left off" message,
    open vlc and open Tools->Preferences
    set Show settings to All
    navigate to Interface->Main interfaces->Qt
    and set Continue playback? to Never or Always

                 -David M
  • (-: Looping Backgrounds :-)

    This exact feature is a must-have and I was able to 'work-around' as westbloomfieldumc said and used VLC as my player since Windows Media Player is much more difficult to automatically play on the second screen (projector). So, to do this right, follow these instructions:

    1. Install VLC HERE then install it on your PC/MAC.
    2. Make sure your projector is turned on so that the PC can see it as a second monitor
    3. Open VLC player, click on Tools the Preferences.
    4. Enter the settings exactly as in the screenshot, below, except you can force screen resolution to 6:9 if you have an HD projector.
    5. VLC Settings Screenshot
    6. In OLP, create a transparent background Theme.
    7. In Windows, associate MP4 and MPG file extensions with VLC player if they are not already (Control Panel, Default Programs, Set Associations) I am not a MAC person, so don't know how to associate on a MAC.
    8. Start your video in VLC OUTSIDE of OLP making sure that you have clicked the 'loop' icon in VLC on the bottom toolbar.
    9. Insert a song, scripture or custom slide into your service list then right-click it and change the Theme to your transparent theme that you created earlier.
    10. In OLP, either hit the D button shortcut on the keyboard to show the video loop (which I like to do for welcome and closing of service) or send your song, scripture or custom slide to the screen and your background should be looping!

    Where can I get exciting awesome loops? SermonSpice always! Hope this helps and anyone wishing to learn more on how to download loops from the internet can email me from my profile address.

    Todd Jachimiak, Media Coordinator

    Broad Creek UMC, Newport, NC


  • Hello,

    Any news in this thread ? I'm also looking for this function.

    BR Jakob
  • Hi Jakob,
    Please don't post in 4 year old threads - create new ones!
    But to answer your question, yes we will be adding looping video background to the next release. The actual release date is not known yet...
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