Stage Display discussion / idea

Our current set up uses 3 display outputs, 1. Monitor 2. Main Projector 3. rear wall Stage view / fold back projector.

OpenLP does not support the direct output of the stage display.

One option is a browser window positioned on the 3rd screen. Open http://localhost:4316/stage then made full screen.
Does anyone use this method?  Have you found a way to automate / script it?
I suspect the challenge would be the window getting moved by users.

Another option I am considering is an Android TV box.
I have tried it out at home, yet to try at the church.
I have installed an auto-start app, which opens a browser, which has the home page set to the stage display.
This seems to work ok.
Unfortunately it is not full screen - I get the browser bar and the status icons at the bottom.

What are other people using in this scenario?


  • Hi,

    I haven't tried a setup like this myself, but I've heard that some have setup a small PC (or something like a Raspberry Pi) that auto-starts a browser in fullscreen that connects to the stage-view. With the upcoming 2.2 release (beta is available) there is also the possibilty to get a copi of the main view in the browser.
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    Yes, I used stage view on my laptop, but not on 3. monitor.
    I tried to start full screen on raspberry with midori via command

    midori -e Fullscreen -a localhost:4316/stage

    I don't know command for firefox, but google it.
    One option is open http://localhost:4316/stage in FF then made full screen. For close, do not switch full screen but only close with alt+f4.
    second is addon

  • With the advent of Easyworship 7 changing to a subscription based version, I am looking at the possibility of other presentation software options.

    We currently maximise the ability to have three screen outputs with EW: main desktop, Rear Foldback Screen for Stage View and the main FOH Projector and side screens.

    Easyworship makes this easy with all connected from the one PC. 

    OpenLp's remote stage view is great idea especially for worship team to use their own devices, but there is still a need for the rear Foldback Screen.  Having to pull up a web browser page seems counter intuitive as it means running additional software and possibly another computer just to facilitate this.

    Is it possible for someone to build a "Foldback Screen" plugin to allow running directly from the main desktop/control PC without having to run the web browser or another PC?

    I would love to go ahead and run OpenLP as is so much potential, but think it still needs some refining to compete with the Big boys.  
  • We are currently looking into adding support for creating extra views in OpenLP that will display the stage view. I won't promise it will happen, but my cautiously optimistic.
  • This extra fold back view with the ability to send alerts to only the stage view would be fantastic!
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