Version 2.1.2 Doesn't Assign Image Files to Themes

I installed the beta on the church computer (I had to, 2.0 quit working), and most things are working fine. However, the themes show the right backgrounds in the Theme Manager, but they actually have the black background color when used.

From the Theme Manager I clicked Edit for a theme. I then used the file dialogue to get the correct image for its background. The path to the image showed correctly on the first page of the edit screens. However, when I got to the Finish page, the background still showed only the black background color.

When I edit that theme again, the image path is not what I chose, but the old one:
C:\Users\Backup Administrator\Documents\OpenLP Data\themes\BlueCross\Background Blue Cross.jpg
That file is there, but Windows 7 says it can't display it for some reason.

But the real problem seems to be the new image location is not being used or saved.



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