Using Themes with different screen aspect ratios

In our main hall our projector screen is 4:3 ratio.  (Connected via VGA)

At other times we project in another room where we have a large screen TV - this is widescreen connected via HDMI.

Do we need to maintain separate sets of themes for these two environments or will a theme auto adjust?


  • AFAIK, a theme won't auto-adjust (not sure about the latest version though, haven't tried it) - what I would suggest as I've done something almost similar in the past is when you connect the screen to the computer, just set the resolution to match the VGA screen you use, that way you won't need to change anything from within OLP.

    (I realise this may cause aspect problems, particularly if you're playing videos; most widescreen TVs I've used have options to set the input to be 4:3 so you will get the black bars down the side of the screen.)
  • Thanks, you confirmed what I suspected.

    I will need to create 2 sets of themes for 16-9 and 4-3 and then run OpenLP on a desktop for the Hall and Laptop elsewhere.

    Some songs will suit different font sizes due to the number of lines.
    So ideally will need a theme allocated to the song rather than use a service or global theme.  

    This means I will end up keeping 2 separate sets of data.

    It would help if there were more themes available in clearly labelled as 16-9 or 4-3.


  • Hi. Is what you are describing likely yo impact the placing of the theme and song words on the screen. Presently my theme is indented from the bottom right of the screen with song text going to the edge of screen. Or should I be looking somewhere else within olp for control of these placements and so on?
  • We have just bought a new laptop to use, which we will start usin once version 2.2. is released.
    As most projection will happen in the hall with a 4:3 screen, I expect we will have most songs / themes formatted for that size.

    On the occasions when we project to a TV screen, we can either put up with a a gap at the sides or change to a wide screen background.

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