Remote disconnect

I'm running OpenLP (latest release) on a Windows 8.1 laptop. I am able to remote control it from a Safari and/or Chrome browser from my Macbook Air. Occasionally though, the Air looses connection to the PC, and I need to walk to the front of the church to push the service forward. I can't replicate the error, it just happens sometimes, and other times it's fine. Both computers are connected via WiFi. We even updated the router to a newer, faster and stronger one. Same problems.

I tried to turn all on-screen notifications off of the PC because I found when something else popped up (Norton, etc.), that would sometimes cause it to loose connection. But it happens at times I can't explain. I am able to walk up to the PC and move forward to the next slide, no problem. When I get back to the Air, I see that the service has moved forward. So it doesn't completely loose connection, the response just seems to be slow. This isn't always the case - sometimes I need to refresh the browser.

It has happened during the sermon, waiting to advance the slide. It has also happened in the middle of a song or liturgy, while actively moving through the slides. It's frustrating when it doesn't work, especially in a church full of mature individuals that don't have much trust in technology.

I have made sure the Air doesn't go into power saving mode, and the PC doesn't do it either. Any suggestions? I'm tempted to install OpenLP on my Air and plug my AppleTV into the projector, but I would prefer to use the native capabilities in OLP.



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