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If there are any Canadian Anglican Churches using OpenLP, we have created a number of slides from the Book of Alternative Services. We haveall of the eucharistic prayers, most of the breakings, confession and absolution, the peace, baptismal covenant, etc. In the spirit of Open Source, we are willing to share the work we have done with other churches. All content was adapted froth PDF version of the BAS. All copyright notices are repeated and assigned to the content.


  • Hey--
    I'm not in the ACC but I'd welcome having the files for your liturgies if you are willing to share them!

    Eastertide blessings,
  • Sorry for the delay... would be happy to share them with you. Next question - do you know how to export custom slides?
  • Hi Kurl8rocks
    I am in the CofE UK!

    Did you ever manage to export your Liturgy if so could I have a copy please?

  • I'm a cradle Anglican in the Diocese of Edmonton and I've been looking at OpenLP as a suitable alternative to constructing all of our liturgy through PowerPoint. Having access to your ready-made slides would sure help me to demonstrate to our priest just how easier this onerous task might be!

    I'm hoping you've figured out how to do this by now!

    I'll presume that you can get my email via this forum. If not, we'll have to figure out another way for you to get them to me.


  • I'm not a cradle Anglican, nor was I part of the Episcopal tradition, however I am a part of the ACNA (Anglican Church of North America).  Anyway, the only reason I mentioned that is I'm working on the liturgy for my church and it's working well.  The big problem I have is when the Priest changes things up on me and I don't note it and it takes me a while to change the slides, his fault not the programs.  :)  We survive, adapt and it works well!

    I would like to work with others that are using the program in a similar situation, trade secrets, and maybe even liturgy slides.  Take care and God Bless All!


  • I would very much like a copy of your liturgy slides.
  • Hi everyone who is interested in getting the liturgy slides. Sorry for the delayed response - it has been a while since I have been on the forum. I have discovered that I can copy the "custom.sqlite" file in the custom folder within the OpenLP root folder from one computer and put it onto another. All the custom slides transfer. The challenge is that it will overwrite your current custom slides. I don't see an option to export individual slides yet. I will ask in the forum. The other issue I need clarification on is whether or not I can distribute them. I have liturgy from the Anglican Church of Canada Book of Alternative Services and Book of Common Prayer. Please send me a personal message in the forum if you have copies of these books, I think I can give you the slides but I need more details to confirm with the Anglican Church of Canada. Let me know what Anglican Church you are associated with and if you have license to either one of these liturgical texts. I will do some more research.
  • Hi everyone. I have learned how to export and import the custom slides. Unfortunately though, I took a close look at the license under which I created the content from. It prohibits me from distributing the content electronically.

    The content is available in PDF from from the Anglican Church of Canada web site: 

    You simply need to create a new custom slide, copy the text from the PDF and paste into the custom slide in OpenLP.

    Blessings on all who asked, and may the Lord be with you!
  • I am also interested in anglican liturgy that is already made for OpenLP. I just joined the forum and from what I understand of this thread, I need to create my own. 
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