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I will suggest to implement  live mode edit ala VideoPsalm. Also note that author, composer and  copyright are all in the same view for easy access.



  • edited April 2015
    What do you mean by 'live mode edit'? You can edit a song and while it's live and it will update in the live view as soon as you save it. I agree that the editor could be streamlined a bit by moving the 'edit all' view in the main edit window thus removing an extra step. Having the authors and copyright in the same view is a reasonable suggestion but might make the view cluttered and we rarely need to edit the authors so it wouldn't save us much time.
  • Excellent, just wrote a reply without being logged in. It asked to log in which I did and what I wrote was lost. Trying again but a much shorter version.

    Edit should not lock the program to that mode. Should be able to operate in live mode even if I edit a song.

    Edit button in preview should give quick access to editing text without opening up the whole edit view. Just correct the text in preview.
    Open up the editor should give access to edit everything without having to press "Edit" or "Edit All" and mandatory items like author should not be "hidden" under another tab. They should be easily accessible in main view.
    It should not be necessary to press "add to song" when adding author. I am already editing a known song and it should be sufficient to press "Save".
  • OK, I understand what you mean. I occasionally try to fix a typo during a song and if I'm not fast enough I can't advance to the next verse in time so what you suggest would be helpful.
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