Are transitions still supported?


I thought I'd try enabling transitions to achieve a fade between slides but I can't find the setting anywhere. Has this been removed in 2.1.3?

In previous versions I disabled it because it was a bit jerky instead of being smooth, but I wanted to give it another go to see if different hardware and a new version of the software has made any difference. Not a critical requirement but nice to have if it works.



  • Hi Carl,

    The transitions are setup on the themes. So you'll have to edit or create a theme to enable transitions.
  • Got it. Thanks. Looks better than I remember it but I'll keep them disabled for now as they don't feel quite right. It's hard to describe but maybe I'd prefer it if they were a faster and faded directly from one to the other instead of going to black first, some experimentation required. It would also be nice to have transitions between images, not just text slides, and transitions when blanking the screen, but this would require the setting to be moved out of the theme and into the general application settings.
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