Powerpoint presentations all loading at startup

When I start OpenLP 2.1.3 on my personal Windows 7 computer, Powerpoint 2013 starts up too. So far so good. But then Powerpoint stays on top of OpenLP and I see it "loading" all of the ppt files that are currently available in the media manager. In other words I see the first slide of each slideshow appear briefly in Powerpoint. When OpenLP has finished loading, there is only one Powerpoint window open and none of the presentations actually remain loaded.

The fact that Powerpoint opens on top of OpenLP is only a minor inconvenience. I'm more concerned that startup will take longer and longer the more presentations we keep in the media library. Is this a known limitation or a new bug? We have Office 2007 at church and I haven't noticed this happening.

I honestly wish we didn't have to use Powerpoint at all because it causes no end of problems due to poor integration with OpenLP. I'm definitely not blaming the development team because I have some idea of how difficult it is to work with. Unfortunately I don't see anyone here switching to Open/LibreOffice and I'm not aware of any viable alternatives for decent looking presentations...

As I mentioned, this particular issue with the presentations loading during startup only seems to happen with Office 2013, not with Office 2007. However, control of slides from OpenLP and updating of the snapshots in the live view panel and the web view work better with Office 2013. Is this a sign that integration is improving with more recent versions of Office?


  • Hi Carl,

    This is a known bug and it has actually just been fixed! Try out the latest nightly build and let us know if it is an improvement. The bug is only affecting the beta, but it should be a problem for all versions of Powerpoint, so I'm guessing you are using OpenLP 2.0.5 with Office 2007?
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    I noticed the problem on OpenLP 2.1.3 (latest beta) with Office 2013. Didn't notice it with the same version on Office 2007 but don't have it available to check so I may have just missed it. I haven't tested the nightly build but I checked out the source from trunk and both issues appear to be fixed: Powerpoint opens behind OpenLP and doesn't load stuff during startup.

    Thanks for your quick response once again.
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