Error when setting shortcut

OpenLP 2.1.3 build bzr2528
Windows 8.1

I get an error when clicking on Restore Defaults:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "D:\OpenLP_Development\OpenLP_Code\openlp\openlp\core\ui\", line 824, in on_settings_shortcuts_item_clicked

File "D:\OpenLP_Development\OpenLP_Code\openlp\openlp\core\ui\", line 339, in save

File "D:\OpenLP_Development\OpenLP_Code\openlp\openlp\core\utils\", line 339, in update_shortcut_map

KeyError: 'Ctrl+N'

I sometimes end up with fewer shortcuts:


I noticed that lots of the shortcuts were set to custom (I hadn't changed them so I don't know how! In the screen shot above for example Toggle Tracking is set to 4 rather than F4) so I then went through all of the shortcuts and set them to the default as restore defaults hadn't done this. Once this was done the errors stopped and Restore Defaults started working again!



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