OpenLP & PowerPoint viewer freeze

I was able to open a powerpoint file only one time since installing OpenLP 2 days ago. I tried opening different powerpoint ppt files yesterday multiple times with no success. OpenLP goes to not responding and powerpoint viewer is opened behind it and not responding. I can see that the powerpoint file is opened in the powerpoint viewer when hovering over it's taskbar icon but cannot switch to it. Even alt-tab will not switch. I end up needing to force close both apps.

Any help is appreciated.  :)


  • I forgot to mention that I am on the nightly Windows build from 2 days ago running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Nvidia GTX 750 ti for main display. Intel i5 integrated graphics for second display. The second display is for the projection.
  • I was helped by someone on IRC with this one. Remove all PowerPoint viewers first. Office PowerPoint apps is OK to keep installed.

    3 options:

    1.) Install PowerPoint Viewer 2003.

    ***Don't forget to install office2003-kb969615-fullfile-x86-en-us.exe as this is a BIG security fix.***

    2.) Install PowerPoint VIewer 2007.

    3.) Install LibreOffice or OpenOffice and use Impress.
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