Extremely slow start-up

It takes for me very long time to start the program (c. 5 minutes). The debug log (http://pastebin.com/WPtvs4Dq) shows only some misterious problem with media players launching, Do you have any idea how to fix it? On any other machine it runs smoothly.

We use Windows XP on a rather slow computer, but hey, not that much. I appreciate any help.


  • Hi,

    Seems like most of the time is spent trying to download latest Openlp version and failing. Have you tried to uninstall and install again? Maybe try latest beta which I find quite stable.

  • I'll try with the newest beta, but unfortunately the problem's the same in 2.0.3., 2.0.4 and 2.0.5. I also forgot to mention that a similar freeze happens after applying clicking 'OK' button in Configure window (regardless whether I actually change anything or not). I'll share a debug log of that as well.
  • Welcome to OpenLP... if you have it set to 'open last service' then it will probably take 5 mins to load if you have video and pics involved.

    I find that whatever assets that you have in the service is encapsulated in that service file. You can do a service at home, save it to a USB drive then use it on the church computer. Depending on the size of that file, it may take a little time to load.

    I tried clearing the cache, temp files, etc but nothing works. Although, I have OLP on another machine with a larger service and it opens just fine. Strange, indeed.


  • Hi Pacman, your log indicates that you are using OpenLP 2.0, but you state that the problem exists in 2.0.3, .4 & .5.

    I would suggest backing up your data folder & registry and exporting you songs as OpenLyric files, then uninstall OpenLP, remove the data folder and OpenLP registry entries, and then install OpenLP 2.0.5. Selectively configuring OpenLP and restoring the data until you find what causes the problem.
  • I appreciate all your feedback and I'll try it whenever I get to the church's computer, but here's the update.

    I installed the newest beta version and start-up time is still similar, though in other fields OpenLP runs really smoothly (there's no more any freeze after modyfing tools/preferences, either). Here's the debug log: http://pastebin.com/WtDTcpa3
  • It seems that the longest waits in start up time are after 

    openlp.core.ui.media.__init__                           DEBUG    get_media_players

    However, there isn't always a delay, only when doing work with the controller. I can't see anything in get_media_players that could take along time to process. However the log entries after the instances of get_media_players seem to do with the initialization of controllers.

    This leads me to *guess* that the issue is something to do with one of the media players. Which ones do you have selected? Try disabling the vlc backend (my guess as to the culprit) and restarting OpenLP.
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