Remote view: sending image or video live from search results causes traceback

edited May 2015 in Development
Another issue noticed in the remote view with OpenLP 2.1.4 on Windows. I can't send an image or video live from the search results on the remote view. I think it works from the remote service manager although I don't remember for sure whether I tested that.

In the remote view, search for an image or video, click the button to send it live. A traceback window appears on the OpenLP machine:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\OpenLP_Development\OpenLP_Code\2.1\openlp\core\lib\", line 511, in go_live_remote
  File "D:\OpenLP_Development\OpenLP_Code\2.1\openlp\core\lib\", line 524, in go_live
  File "D:\OpenLP_Development\OpenLP_Code\2.1\openlp\core\lib\", line 620, in build_service_item
  File "D:\OpenLP_Development\OpenLP_Code\2.1\openlp\plugins\images\lib\", line 550, in generate_slide_data
TypeError: too many arguments


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