Print service used to show full text. upgraded to windows 7 and now only shows list of titles

.Hi . I have used Open LP on a vista computer. version 2.1.3  We print out the song words on paper for those who cannot see the screen.

I usually  do all the songs first, then use 'print service' which brings up all the words, authors ect.copy and paste into the word processor and print it off. Job done.

Vista machine and hard drive died at the weekend. Not a problem, replaced with another running W 7.  Downloaded OPL 2.1.4  and all seemed good,

Untill I came to print the songs. All I get is a list of titles? not much use. I cannot see a way to tell OLP to expand them. I looked in the help files under 'print service' but the picture there also only shows a list of titles!  This seems to be huge step backwards and makes life a lot more difficult and time consuming.( first, get songs of fellowship onto into computer, then scroll through to each song used and copy into document)  
Have I missed something?




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