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Sorry, not really sure the right forum section to put this in! ;c)

In the features list it says:

"search through all words in a book of the Bible for a certain word or phrase"

My brief experience with (just downloaded RC3) is that one can only enter passage references, not verse content searches. The documentation seems to say that as well, but the feature list quote gives me that tantalizing idea that I can actually do full-text searches of the Bible.

If I can, please let me know how, if not please consider this a feature request (and you might want to change the feature list page as well).



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    I'm fairly new here, but from what I can deduce, all the documentation/features list on the website appear to refer to version 0.994.
    For some reason version 1 has less features, not sure why... perhaps someone sneaked in when no-one was looking and stole them?
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    Both version 0.99x and the new version 1.0 were written by Tim. I took over from Tim only after he'd already written most of 1.0. Derek has been assisting me since earlier this year. And neither of us is really that experienced with the graphical side of things. We'd like to eventually include all those old features back into, but for the moment we're concentrating more on getting a FINAL working product out that does 100% of what 90% of people need. All the wooshy funky features will start appearing after this 1.0 release.

    However, I have also updated the features page to more accurately reflect what can currently do.

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