Mini OpenLP

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I've made a mini version of OpenLP.  It's web based, runs on a raspberry pi and is entirely controlled via a web interface. I say raspberry Pi, but it'll run on anything that'll run a PHP webserver and a web browser.

The idea is that someone with a low level of technical skill can sit in the congregation and display songs and Bible passages, and there's a low installation cost to the church.

It uses openlp's song and Bible databases, and all the editing/adding is done in openLP.  Mini OpenLP is just for displaying stuff.

I created it because I use my own laptop in church, and when I'm not there I needed something that didn't rely on my PC or someone with enough knowledge to use openLP or enough desire to sit at the back instead of in the congregation.

I finished it yesterday and I'm testing it today, but I thought I'd mention it now and then get some screenshots and set a site up for it later.

In short, it works by having an input box.  That looks to see if it's a Bible reference, or a song number, if neither then it's treated as a lyric search.  If there's more than one result then it asks you to pick one, otherwise it displays it.

When displaying a thing it gives you buttons for different screens/verses so you can click backwards and forwards.

There's also a small number of 'other' screens, so there's buttons for 'show welcome', 'show after-service screen', 'show communion screen' and 'show Lord's prayer'.


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