Editing song in service file (always) changes song in database?

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I did a search for this, couldn't see if the question has been raised already.

The basis/requirement behind this is the situation that there are times when a song may need to be edited (verses omitted, added, lyrics changed) only (one time) for a specific service.

Scenario: song has four verses, but for one service the music leader decides (before the service) while making the service file that s/he wants to not sing verse four. They can:

  1. Edit the song database directly — but we (I) don't allow them to do that because we have a master song database which is synced to all persons using our in-house Git server. We don't let everyone edit the song database.
  2. Edit the song by right-clicking the song in the service (*.osz) file and choosing 'Edit Item' — I have tested this myself and I note however that this results in the song being edited (again) directly in the song database. I did see though that if this done and the *.osz service file saved; then the song in the song database changed back; then the saved *.osz file loaded — that the song in the database and the song in the service file are different. Given that everything is saved in the *.osz file (it is just a special sort of ZIP file) which is fully contained and portable, then this is expected behaviour.
  3. Tell the projector operator to skip over verses — this obviously is not the ideal.
So — the question is, is this behaviour as designed and if so can it be changed such that choosing a song item and editing it from the service file list results in the change being made to the song in the service file not the song as it is in the song database.

We also have situations where, on the day, the music leader wants changes. If the change means adding/removing a whole song then that obviously is no problem, it comes down to again if a song has to be edited (verses/choruses/lyrics) which, as I see it, cannot be done without changing the song in the database — it's not possible to edit the song in the service file.

If this is indeed a new requirement (and not me being unaware of how to do in current version — I am using 2.0.5) then I guess the query should go to the Development forum board.


  • I'm sure there was another post about this and that the intention was to make 2.2 allow the service item to be edited without updating the database. However I just checked on the latest beta 2.1.6 and it seems that edits to items in the service also update the database.

  • Is there any way to find out what the official intention is and if it is not listed to be coded can it be, and if it is listed which version it is slated for?

    Obviously I think, in practical terms, given that the service file is a) by nature temporary and b) self contained, that any edits done by selecting a song in the service file should only change the service file. I would see it as a beneficial feature.
  • I would not like to see this change as the default, because when I'm proofing a service file, I often make corrections to the songs. I want those changes reflected in the song database as well.

    However, I understand the attraction of sometimes changing the song only in the service file, and I would recommend that it be a user-selectable option in the edit window.

  • Hi @FromOZ

    I don't think we currently have this in 2.2 either. The best would be to add a "wishlist" item to our issue tracker so that we can track it there. https://bugs.launchpad.net/openlp
  • Thanks @raoul — will put in an official request as you suggest.

    I trust I will be able to refer back to this forum thread to provide details/background.
  • From the way I see it, when we select a song from the database and add it to service, we are not COPYING the whole song to the service.  It is only a LINK or shortcut from the database added to the service.  Something like Windows when you create a shortcut as opposed to copying the whole program.
    Thus what you see is correct.  When you make an edit of the song in the service, the database gets updated as well.  This is because you are actually making the change to the database itself.
    Just an observation.

  • I believe saved services are self-contained – that is they will work on another PC with OpenLP, even if the database doesn't include any of the service items of the saved service. Even media files are embedded. So it shouldn't be impossible to have a different verse order in the service and in the database.

    Personally, I think the Song Editor dialog should have two Save buttons, perhaps labelled "Save" and "Save (this service only)".
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