Text over live video

Let me start by commending the OpenLP development team for giving us such a great software. 
One feature I have always loved existed in OpenLP is the ability to display text (Scriptures, songs, etc) over live video captured from a video camera during a Church service.
Does OpenLP 2.2 support text over live video? And if not, how soon should we expect to have this feature in our beloved software?
Thank you.



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    Hi John,

    For the meantime until it is all integrated into OpenLP, what I do is I have VLC playing a background loop OUTSIDE of OpenLP.  That is, launch VLC manually (for Windows) from Start >> Program Files >> VideoLAN >> VLC Media Player.
    Start a background loop video.
    Launch OpenLP
    Create a Transparent background Theme
    Project it on the background loop video.

    But if you're looking for the all integrated version without having to launch VLC outside of OpenLP, the development team is working on it.  At the moment can't tell exactly when this will happen as there are some pressing priorities like bug fixes.

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