Running V 2.2 on Windows 10

I am having problems being up and running.  So far the best I can do right now is run a lap top that is still on the very old version of 1.29 with Windows 7.
I have V2.1.6 running on a desk top that I can't take to church.  I managed to get my old database from the 1.2.9 to load on this desktop.
I uploaded Windows 10 to my other desktop and was upgrading from Windows 7.  I cannot get the database to load on this desktop or on a new laptop with Windows 10.  Guess you might say I am in a mess.  My older laptop with Windows 7 crashed when trying to load Windows 10.
I am having to use my wife's laptop with WIndows 7 and V 1.2.9 and she would like to not have it out to the church. 
I am sorry if this is a confusing description.
What I am trying to do is get the new V2.2 or some version on Windows 10 system.  So does anyone have a suggestion other then just running 1.2.9 on a Windows 7 laptop. 
THANKS for any and all help.


  • I believe you will either need to follow a recognised upgrade path from 1.2.9 to the version that is supported for an upgrade for 2.2 (it is mentioned in the release notes) or export your songs on the old version and then import them to 2.2.

  • Hi Al,

    Yes.  Agreed as Paul suggested above.

    Also, I noted you mentioned you are able to get 2.1.6 running on your desktop using the old database 1.2.9.
    Since it is already running, please just navigate to each navigation on the left and ensure all is navigatable and usable like doing a preview and go live for:
    Bible search

    Once confirmed (you may want to consider trying this out to see if it works for you.  I would take this route if I were in your shoes), close OpenLP on this desktop.
    Copy out "C:\Users\<Your Login ID>\AppData\Roaming\OpenLP" to the other machine which you intend to use in church.

    Install OpenLP 2.1.6 in church.  Copy this folder which you copied from home dekstop into this church machine.
    But before you overwrite it in church, ensure you make a backup copy in case you need to revert back.
    Once confirmed it works, you can consider to upgrade to 2.2.

    All the best!
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