Organizing songs?

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to use OLP for my multi-venue ministry in nursing homes, etc.

Ideally, I would have a primary library of songs and a secondary library, but my "one-hour-review" doesn't seem to find a hint that such a "customization" is possible.

Hopefully someone can/will "make my day" by telling me how to organize songs vs. a universal list.

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  • Hi

    There is not, as far as I am aware, a facility to have multiple song libraries. The application has, underneath, one SQLite database file where all songs are stored.

    So there is no, multi-library, facility but you may be able to achieve the goal you want by using OpenLP's 'Song Books' feature.

    Now normally this would be used to map songs to actual (printed) song books — but there is nothing to stop you using it as a way of categorising/grouping songs. You can just arbitrarily make song books of whatever name you want and then assign songs to one of your 'song books'. Then in the Songs list choose Song Books as the searching option.

    If you don't give the song a song book number then songs will be listed by Song Book, then song title.
  • Thanks for the idea to use Songbooks!
    It will serve my needs until a better option arrives.

  • There is option to add "Author" and use it as tag in this field. Then you can search tagged lyrics in "Authors" search
  • So how do you get OPen LP to organize songs via songbook details?
  • When you have a song open for EDIT, look in the lower-right corner of the Authors/Topics & Song Book tab.
    The default is empty.
    Put in a name (i.e, I'm building one called "Christmas Carols") in the blank space named "Book:" and a "page" or sequence number in Number:  Then Save.

    When you go back to the master songlist, click the DOWN arrow at the left edge of Search and select Songbooks from the drop list.

    That will show your songbooks and songs in the sequence that you numbered them in the edit screen(s).

    Without intending to be negative/critical, this organizing "featurette" is quite primitive compared to most applications these days;  however, the programmers seem to be purposely avoiding advanced data handling in favor of what amounts "fancy text files" (AKA Extensible Mark-up Language [XML] which is easy to port between Windows, Apple, Linux, et al.

    In a perfect world, when you reset the Songs list Seach to Titles, the list would indicate if a song is assigned to a songbook.  As OpenLP exists today, you can have multiple instances of a song and if you prune for duplicates, I'm not sure if I'd trust it not to drop stuff that I'd configured into a Songbook.

    Sorry for the rant.  Hope some of the above is helpful.
  • Hi Dave,

    In most cases we haven't added a particular feature because we either don't know about it, or we haven't had time to develop it yet. We're all volunteers, and we work on OpenLP in our "spare" time. We are always more than happy to help new developers get up to speed and help out with development.

    You sound technical enough, want to help us out?
  • Having a way to group and organize songbooks in their individually named books (or folders) would be wonderful.
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