How to Fine Tune Text Location in Custom Slides?

I would like to be able to tweak the vertical position of text in Custom Slides. This is controlled by the theme being used, and only offers the options of Top, Middle, and Bottom. I would like to use Top and then be able to insert a bit of space between the top and the first line of the text. A blank line is too much, because of the size of the text font.

I tried creating a Formatting Tag similar to the one I use for outdenting long lyric lines:
<div style="text-indent:-1em; padding-left:1em;margin:0;float:left;">
but it didn't work.

Do you have a way to fine tune the vertical position of text in Custom Slides?



  • Well, I kept fiddling and finally got something that works. It's not too elegant, but that's OK.

    I created this Formatting Tag as s10:
    <div style="font-size:10px;line-height:12px;">

    For the Custom Slide text, I used this:



    in the


    That gave me the text where I want it.



  • I'll add one last chapter to this:

    When I took the service file to church, I discovered the above technique did not work. Fortunately, I had some time before the service, so I fiddled around and found a better technique:

    I edited the theme to have the Y position at 50px, and that did the job!

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