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We're just getting set up with OpenLP (this Sunday will be our first using it in the meeting!) and I've been spending some time setting up the Remote Live View as our aim is to encourage those with visual impairments to use it on their tablets/phones, however...

We project in 16:9 widescreen, iPads are 4:3 ratio (or something close) and the live view is set to have height of 100% with no overflow. This means that the right-hand edge is chopped off on all non-widescreen devices.

If the CSS of the page was just changed to width:100% then this problem goes away (although, if their screen is too widescreen they now miss some of the bottom - less of a problem I suspect).

I've made this change in the main.css file for our system, is there any reason I shouldn't have (i.e. consequences I haven't thought of)?


  • The only problem you will encounter is that your file will be overwritten on upgrade.

    Better log a bug with your suggested fix, and we can incorporate it into the next version of OpenLP.
  • We don't project in widescreen, but I am having trouble with stage view on iPads. I don't know if the problem that I'm encountering is te same as the OP's problem; thinking about it, I suspect it isn't. However …

    What's happening for me is that stage view starts correctly, in either landscape or portrait modes, but then after a few slide changes, only a small portion of the total screen is visible. Text somehow gets magnified and even with furious scrolling (which a musician who is playing certainly cannot do!) they can't see the whole of what's supposed to be displayed.

    I don't have any tablets which aren't iOS devices, so I'm unable to test to see if the same thing happens. I know that a couple of people at church have android and Windows tablets, but I'd prefer to have this sorted before asking for their devices.

    Main view works perfectly on all of the iOS devices that I have tried it on.

    @AndiNorthrop , I have been getting people who have vision problems to bring their iPads and the result has been fantastic. For them and for me. For me, it means that they have stopped being angry with me, and for that I'm grateful!
  • Hi Andrew,

    We know of a bug in the iOS web browser that seems to cause issues with OpenLP's web remote stuff. Have you tried Chrome?
  • Sorry for the late response, raoul. I didn't get a notification.

    No, I haven't tried any other browser, Chrome or otherwise. I will attempt to get to that today.

  • Hi there, I'm looking to do this the other way round, we project in 4:3, but I want to mirror it to 16:9 screens. At the moment it simply takes up the left-hand side of the screen, is there any way to rectify this?
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