Powerpoint mobile / Powerpoint viewer

Hello, I would like to add a feature request.

Powerpoint Viewer has essentially been abandoned, but it has been replaced by Powerpoint Mobile on Windows 10, which allows viewing of all Powerpoint slideshows for free.

As a church we cannot afford Office licences for every computer, and Impress isn't as good at handling the animations in our slideshows, so it would great to have support for Powerpoint Mobile.



  • Hi Phil,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I wasen't aware that running PowerPoint Mobile on Windows 10 was possible.
    That being said, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high... To be able to integrate PowerPoint Mobile with OpenLP we need to be able to extract the number of slides and number of transitions per slide, and control it "remotely". This is fairly easy with regular PowerPoint and Impress, due to well defined APIs. But with PowerPoint Viewer (and probably PowerPoint Mobile) these APIs are not available, and we have to resort to some fairly hairy low-level "hacking" to get it working. And even that only works (most of the time) for PowerPoint Viewer 2007 (not 2010!).
    So for now, I will recommend using LibreOffice Impress, though it is not perfect, as you have already noticed. We will have a look at PowerPoint Mobile, but we will not make any promises.

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