Possible to Have Service Items that Are Just Reminders?

I print on paper an order of service to be sure I take care of everything, but it would nice to be able to pay attention only to the Service Manager. Is there any way to create items that would not do anything, but would have a title such as "Play YouTube"?



  • My personal method for this is using a custom slide.

    I have a theme which is a black background and full screen (used also when showing web pages through OLP which I have had a need for in the past, but not much recently!), and a custom formatting tag for {hide} as <span style="visibility: none"> ... </span> (I may have the CSS slightly wrong, doing it from memory!) .

    I can then use a custom slide with that theme and the content can be:

     {hide} This is where a YouTube video will go. {/hide}

    This text will show on the interface for the projectionist (and also the stage foldback screen), but not on the projected screen. You would be able to name the custom slide anything you want, and not include any text on it (putting in a non-breaking space with &nbsp; as the slide content would work) so in the service manager it shows as you want it - although I would recommend having some sort of text on it so that the projectionist won't get confused!
  • Thanks, that's going to work. I checked the CSS, and "none" should be "hidden."

    I don't usually expand my service items, so the item title is the only thing I see. For example, I used "0Hidden" for the title and "{hide}Song on Video{/hide}" for the content. Unfortunately, the only thing I see is the former.

    However, since I would be editing the content anyway, I'll just change the slide title to provide the message I want to see.


  • With the CSS, I get confused between that and 'display: none' which is what you use for objects! I think the subtle difference applies in HTML when one will still use up the space on the display whereas the other doesn't. I'm more a back-end web coder than a front-end one, so usually have to look up most non-common CSS stuff!

    I don't usually expand my service items either anyway, but the hidden content (within the {hide} tags) will appear on the 'preview' and 'live' panes when the item is loaded for display. I will usually have a 'blank slide' between items in the service (allows the projectionist to just use the down arrow to go through a service), and occasionally a blank slide in songs or liturgy to use instead of the 'Blank to Theme' option so the song copyright details in the footer remain (which I find neater if having an instrumental interlude than having the details flash on and off with the lyrics!).
  • Yes, I also use lots of solid black images so that I, as both creator and projectionist, can simply arrow down through a service.

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